Point Spread Contests

  • No more salary caps
  • No more cap-space problems
  • Pick a team of all-stars or underdogs

Fantasy Pointspread contests have no salary cap restriction. Select any players you like.

The same scoring rules apply as our salary cap contests.

During and after live scoring, your players will have the pointspread amount added (if "+" pointspread) or subtracted (if "-" pointspread) to their fantasy score. All of these adjusted totals will be added up to determine your final score!

Pointspread Contests

  1. Our Fantasy Pointspread contests use the exact same Roster Limits and Scoring rules as our standard Salary Cap contests. Please refer to those sections for more details.
  2. Fantasy Pointspread rosters are not bound by salary cap restrictions. You may choose any eligible player at each position you like.
  3. Athletes in Fantasy Pointspread contests have each been assigned a proprietary "fantasy spread" such as -6.5 or +3.0 or 0.0. Each athlete's fantasy point score is adjusted by their fantasy spread to determine a final point total for the athlete. The sum of all of your adjusted athlete scores is your total contest score.
  4. Example: If you picked Tom Brady and his spread was -3.5 and Tom Brady scored 23.5 fantasy points for the event, his final adjusted total score would be 20.0 points.
  5. All of our fantasy pointspread contests feature exactly 9 roster spots, check each contest you enter for specific roster positions required.
  6. All entries must include players from 3 different teams.