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Cross Sport Contests

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  • Contests for Superbowl, Pro Bowl, All-Star games and more
  • Pick players from 2 different sports!
  • Create your cross sport all-star lineup

Cross Sport contests are a new and fun way to play daily fantasy sports.

Cross Sport allows you to play up to 2 different sports inside one contest.

Create your team with a combination of NFL, NBA, or NHL players in the same lineup!
Manning / Crosby? Newton / LeBron? Ovechkin / Curry?

The choice is yours, create your Cross Sport all-star lineup today!

Cross Sport Rules

  1. Cross Sport contests allow you to select athletes from multiple sports leagues to fill your lineup.
  2. Cross Sport contests may be Salary Cap-type, or Pointspread-type format… check the rules of the specific contest you are entering.
  3. Typically you will be required to select 6 athletes from one sports league, and 3 from another sports league to fill your lineup. In some cases these roster limits may vary, or include 3 sports leagues. Check the roster limits for the specific game you are entering.
  4. Our Cross Sport contests use the exact same scoring rules as our standard Salary Cap and Pointspread contests. Please refer to those sections on specific scoring for more details.
  5. All entries must include players from 3 different teams.