1. Go to the lobby and find any specially marked "10k Grand Action" contest.
  2. Click the ENTER button to go to the player selection page.
  3. Choose your lineup. You must stay below the 50k Salary Cap.
  4. Click the ENTER GAME button to submit your lineup.
  5. After entering you will have options to enter the same lineup in other contests, or to invite your friends to the contest.
  6. The contest will payout as a regular contest. If you meet or exceed any of the point totals below, your account will be credited with the amount the following day. is offering a lobby with a $10 entry contest where you can win up to $10,000 this week.
Just enter the specially marked "10k Grand Action" $10 entry contest and in addition to our always great payouts you automatically qualify for these fantastic bonus payouts, including a $10,000 grand prize!







Fantasy Points Fantasy Points Fantasy Points Fantasy Points Fantasy Points Fantasy Points $10 Entry Prize
340+ 400+ 350+ 460+ 460+ 500+ $10,000
270-339.99 360-399.99 320-349.99 350-459.99 390-459.99 480-499.99 $1,000
215-269.99 320-359.99 240-319.99 245-349.99 300-389.99 420-479.99 $50
190-214.99 280-319.99 220-239.99 220-244.99 280-299.99 380-419.99 $10

These payouts are in addition to your regular prize pool payout


Bonus payouts apply only to specially marked $10 entry GRAND ACTION contests. Most bonus payouts shall be applied to your account within 48 hours of contest completion. "Top prize" of $10,000 USD shall be split, if applicable, amongst all entrants who achieve the required score per calendar day, irrespective of sport. All top prizes shall be paid into the user account at a rate of $2,000 USD on the first day of each month until fully paid. Malfunction voids all plays and pays. Entrants are subject to all of terms and conditions. Each customer is restricted to winning one prize from the bonus payout chart per contest per day. The highest scoring entry of the customer will earn the prize, lower-scoring entries will be ineligible for bonus payout chart prizes. Any prize of $1000 USD or less will be aggregated to $1000 USD total payout per contest (all eligible entries will split the $1000 equally).